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My Papa

I was looking at this 1948 photo of my beloved dad. Then I read a comment on my previous post, which spoke directly to my heart. "... life is continuous. What is old now once was new."* So true... "What is old now once was new" and who is older now once was young. I look at this sweet little boy's photo and I know that he always remained alive deep inside him. I look at this sweet little boy's photo and I think of all that he's gone through in his life journey, the hardwork, the tough choices, the sacrifices, the perseverance, and most of all, I think of his abiding commitment to the beautiful principles of humanity, through thick and thin, in words and in actions. I can't say enough how much of myself and my life I owe to you papa. I want to say it again and again while I can papa, and while you can hear it. I love you, love you, love you. *@reemie.isk

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