A life well lived

December 5, 2018


Yesterday's post got me thinking. Will I look back one day and say to myself, "Mine was a life well lived"?

Who knows how many years are left ahead. We all have our destiny and our own gift of time on this Earth. But will I see myself as having truly lived or merely existed, as having taken advantage of every time under the sun and moon... *the time to learn and the time to teach, the time to plant and the time to reap, the time to take and the time to give, the time to share and the time to keep, the time to follow and the time to lead, the time to listen and the time to speak, the time to cry and the time to heal, the time to wake and the time to sleep (I know I will fail this last one for sure)? Will I have taken the time to love and be loved, to help and be helped, the time to create and dream, to laugh, sing, dance and beam? Importantly, will I have always r


emembered to be grateful for a life well lived? I sure hope so... .

*Inspired by Ecclesiastes 3. A time for everything.







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