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Continuation of my previous post ...

As children, we never understood all the excitement and joy my grandma felt when we visited her. Sure, we loved her and had missed her too but what was the big deal about... It is only as we become parents that we understand the joy our parents and grandparents feel from having their kids around and being able to take care of them and their every need and whim, as they did when they were still little... the sense of fulfilment and wholeness this brings. It is only as we became parents that we realized what our visits meant to our sweet grandma. Wish those realizations came sooner. I guess we ought to trust the wisdom behind it all and behind the circle of life.

If you are reading this and you're not yet a parent, hope you make those realizations a bit sooner and save yourself some regrets if and when, one day, you do become one. May your soul be in peace sweet sitteh!

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