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   Dima Suki

About Me

© Dima Suki

​Some of my most cherished moments in life are those when I'm feeling inspired or when I'm creating. Needless to say, when an inspiration matures into a creation, I am simply on top of the world. 


Welcome to my field of flowers, my happy place.

It is my happy place because it is home to my inspirations and creations, where I go when I'm happy, where I go to be happy.


By putting my field of flowers online, I am learning to share

a part of my intimate self with the world, not an easy task, especially since I have always led a very private life.

But, change can be good, right? So here I am, embracing it.


Let's see where this journey into my happy place will take me.

I am actually real excited...

You can also follow me on Instagram at @myfieldofflowers


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