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I have had a lifelong accomplished career in the healthcare field, but I thrive through thoughts, words, and images. I am an artist at heart and all around. 

Art in all its forms inspires me.


I embrace the potentials and freedoms of modern days and what they afford me as a human being and a woman, but I am addicted to the simplicity and charm of yesteryears.

The past, its ways, mementos, stories, and artifacts inspire me.


I love my adopted country, America.

It welcomed me and my family with wide open arms and afforded us chances we would never have had anywhere else, but I cherish Lebanon, my country of birth, the land of my forefathers and the memories of my youth.

Lebanon's scenes, sounds, tastes, and stories inspire me. 

Come share my inspirations with me.

Words and thoughts 

My everything

Lebanon's scenes and sounds

Images, textures, colors and designs

Old treasures


Works of art

"For I am the size of what I see And not the size of my height"


Alberto Caeiro

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