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Houston, you rock!

A monument to my city.

It hit me the other day. I have pages and thoughts on places from the four corners of the earth-South, North, East and West, but I don't have one for the place I've called home for the past 29 years of my life, and counting, the place where I made a little family of my own that I love to the moon and back... I have no spot dedicated to Houston! That had to be fixed.

As I started gathering my thoughts, I realized there was so much to showcase, love and celebrate in this diverse, versatile, and most accommodating place.

Celebrating the many dimensions of Houston and surrounding area. I'll let the snapshots tell the story. 

Decades have passed since the day I first stepped my foot on this continent, in this city. Decades since August 25, 1988, the day I remember as the hottest day of my life. Getting out of the airport into the outdoor sauna, onto the ugliest highway I had ever ridden on (I45). No human face to be seen, just floods of window-shut cars and mismatched, character-devoid stores lining the seemingly endless road. Houston sure has come a long way since, and I have come along with it.

Who said a heart can't have many homes? Honestly yes, this did take some time, but now, when I come back to Houston after a trip abroad and the immigration officer at the airport tells me, "Welcome home." I nod with a big smile and bigger relief. 

Thank God. I'm home.


Yes, Houston, you rock!

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