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Pilgrimage to India

© Dima Suki

"To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim." Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Golden Triangle, India

    New Delhi, State of Delhi 

    Agra, State of Uttar Pradesh

    Jaipur, State of Rajasthan


November, 2018

I am still at loss as to how to describe my feelings during my visit to India, except to say that I drowned in a sea of contradictory emotions on a daily basis, or to be more precise, at no moment's notice. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves about the expressive beauty and vibrance, the majestic past, the rich culture. Let's forget about everything else one also sees and feels for now, shall we?

"The true measure of any society can be found

in how it treats

its most vulnerable members."

  Mahatma Ghandi

© Dima Suki
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