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Portugal, the land of Fado

The adventures of

the awesome twosome


My daughter Tina and I exploring beautiful Sintra (a charming little town in the vicinity of Lisbon), neatly tucked with no inch to spare (literally!) in our ingenious rented moving machine. Interestingly, as we meandered through the scenic rolling hills and winding roads, we ourselves became one of the prime tourist attractions. Highly recommended if you ever end up in that little heavenly part of the world. Except, be careful to closely follow the pink line on the navigation screen, because, if you don't, well let's just say, God knows where you may end up.

Long and funny story...


We fell in love with Portugal, its cheerful electric streetcars, bustling tuktuks, eclectic graffiti, and ubiquitous tiles. We got enamored with its vibrant steep old quarters and its picturesque riverbanks. The sweetness of its famed pastéis or pastel de nata (custard tartlet) is only rivaled by that of its melancholic folkloric music genre, Fado. Fado, which means destiny, was the nickname of my late beloved aunt, lost too soon. Sadly, her abiding love for life could not alter her fate. The tunes and lyrics were expecially touching and my longing and nostalgia especially deep.


Here is to you my dearest Fado, I miss you sooo...

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