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  The story of an immigrant

   She held the precious object in her hand and tucked it deep inside her heart.

   "That will be your home forever," she said resolutely, wiping the shy tear at the corner of       her eyes. Throwing away the key, she felt an instantaneous warmth deep inside her.

   It was her anchor to the first place she called home.

Our Beirut - A biography and a tale - Part 1

May 13, 2018

"O Beroe (Beirut), root of life, nurse of cities, the boast of princes..., twin sister of Time, coeval with the universe..., land of justice, land of laws ..., hall of lovers, star of the Lebanon country..."

Nonnus of Panopolis, AD 450



Our Beirut. Many have tried to define you, but you eluded all definitions.

Many have tried to mold and discipline you, but you broke all molds, defied all rules. 

A perennial city of many faces, many pasts and many presents. 

"Constant yet changeable... always there, yet never twice the same." Robin Fedden


Our Beirut. 

A music box whose characters came to life as a kaleidoscope of sights and a medley of sounds, then simply forgot to stop.

A wise matriarch and a frivolous youth.

A biography and a tale.

A hub for reality and a field of dreams.

A glimpse to the past and a vision of the future.

A moment and an eternity.

A harmonious clash of the expected and unexpected, its deep roots anchored to the heart of humanity and its soul... from the beginning of times.

Our Beirut. All of these and so much more...

​​Featured in this mixed media art piece is a photograph of Beirut in the early twentieth century, architectural salvage pieces, an antique brass plate, and a patchwork of shapes, textures and colors reminiscent of a now faraway land.

Dimensions: 4ft (height) x 2ft (width); Piece already framed in dark grey wood. Frame not shown.


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