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Sowing seeds

Her first graphic design project was for a concert by the world renowned pianist Waleed Howrani. I had labored on a piece of handwriting featuring him, to include in the concert program book. As my daughter Yara watched, she inquired why I had not done it on the computer and offered to help me do so. I accepted the offer, only to show her my faith in her. But to my surprise, she delivered! This started for the two of us a fun tradition of collaboration on graphic design projects big and small, mostly for charitable causes.

I searched for my copy of the Howrani piece in the large pile of cards and program books she and/or I designed for various functions over the years, and here it was. The year was 2003. So that means she was only... 10!

Today, Yara received a copy of the newly published book whose cover she designed. Her first. That officially makes her a published graphic designer! My Bubuka takes her hobbies seriously. The seed planted years ago is now blooming full force, and it is beautiful.

It is so fitting that the title of the book is "Everyone Has a Seed to Sow" and that it is the story of a charitable organization with a great cause... Everything happens for a reason.

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today." Indian Proverb

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