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A new day

A most perfect 10-minute snooze in the morning, hugging my Tantouna still bundled up in bed, a flawless cup of espresso just the way I love it, a smooth ride to the office, a productive work day, and a memorable impromptu dinner with my Bubuka at this new trendy restaurant she discovered. Taking it easy or as the Greek say "siga siga," talking wedding, and future plans, and gourmet cooking, and inspiring places, and very handsome waiters (ok, one very handsome waiter), and life, as we savored stuffed squash blossoms with walnut garlic pesto, Gentilini Robolas, and other delectables.

Thank you Paulo for the challenge. You made me remember my quote from my Christmas letter a few years ago: "Look a little bit extra at the ordinary, and you'll find something extraordinary." You are right. I should always remember this. All of us should. And whatever today brings, let's never forget, tomorrow is a new day. Every dawn is a chance for a new beginning. And as long as we are alive, this shall remain an unalterable truth. So, what good things will tomorrow bring? I am already full of expectations.

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