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Happy New Year!

To all of you, my brothers and sisters in humanity whose path my message will cross, May the New Year be gentle on you and as a wise old friend recently told me: "May you age contentedly and peacefully. Life is precious! Spend it wisely and live it fully." Look forward to the coming year, no matter how good or bad the departing one was. It is past, done, gone and you are here. You lived through it. You survived it. If you lost loved ones, know that they will forever live in you. If you lost friends or relationships, know that they were not meant to be and you are probably better off without them. If you lost opportunities, know that new ones inevitably come along. If you lost material things, remember that you made them, they did not make you. If you faced malevolence, know that it rarely prevails. If you were caught in a long harsh winter, know that spring is bound to come in the end. And if you received nothing but blessings, be humble and grateful. Tomorrow is a new day, or better yet, A WHOLE NEW YEAR... a whole new year of possibilities, opportunities, adventures, accomplishments and dreams, and, it will be a GREAT one. Embrace it with open arms. CHEERS! 🥂🍾 Keep nurturing your field of flowers and thanks for visiting mine.

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