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A treasure that appreciates with time

For those too young to remember, this is how messages and emojis looked like before the era of emails, whatsapps, and social media. They carried greetings and news, but also pieces of the sender's heart and soul. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may not be able to read and understand the sweet content of this note, or smile at the cute typos. But you can probably sense how endearing it is and appreciate the efforts and pride put into crafting each letter. The best thing about it, I can still hold it in my hands now, decades later. I can picture my little sister's hand busily drawing her portrait, hear her vivacious chatter and see her expressive eyes, as if time had simply frozen...

Treat yourselves to a pen and paper some time and handwrite a letter to a loved one from your contact lists. It's a treasure that appreciates with time.

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