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I won't run this time, promise

The word never is one of the most frequently made, yet least frequently upheld promises. It sounds like those New Year resolutions we all love to make then break. One of the most useful lessons I learned is to keep an open mind and a good supply of flexibility. People and perpectives change in life, and that includes you and yours. What was once unmentionable, unthinkable, unlikable, may become a need, a joy, a blessing, a regret, or sometimes simply an unescapable reality. I think of this as I relish each sip of my honey sweetened chamomile lemon tea and smile at the memory of my beloved dad chasing after me around the dining table, trying to force a spoonful of the "wondrous" golden nectar down my anxious throat, while I confidently screamed "never!". How I miss those days and my beloved parents... Can you treat me to one more spoon, papa? I won't run this time, promise.

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