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Ode to clothelines

""... Caressed by the sun, the breeze and the neighbors' loving eyes." Now I'm writing odes to clothelines! "Who woulda thunk!"" Dima Suki ______________________________________________________________________ Back in my childhood days, people hung their wet laundry outdoors on clotheslines suspended from their balconies. They pinned them right there for the world to see, and the world, of course, took notes. Though unwritten, the score cards were no less real. They told of the lady of the house's homemaking skills. The purity of the whites, the brightness of the colored, the sorting of the items and the tidiness with which they were hung significantly contributed to the final score, but none as much as the underwear planted in plain sight. These, especially the oversized belly-reaching ones, were particularly amusing to us children. Living away for so long, clotheslines have become an eclectic sight. And, same like other objects that scream home to me, they are an irresistible target for both my nostalgic eyes and my curious camera lens when I visit home or other places in the world that still like their clothes caressed by the sun, the breeze and the neighbors' loving eyes. In love with clotheslines?! "Who woulda thunk!" as my Tantoun says. . .


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