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So who are you, you ask?

So who are you, you ask? I am the child of war and peace, of the traditional and the modern, of my homeland, my new home and all the places and feelings in between. I am molded by my innumerable experiences and encounters, by the caresses and assaults to my senses, by words and thoughts, indulgences and hardships, successes and failures, promises and disappointments, enduring bonds and heartbreaks and so much more. Deep inside me is a longing for the past and a thirst for the future, a desire to belong and one to break away, an urge to sail and one to set my anchor. Undeniably, perseverance and resilience have been my rocks, knowledge of self my anchor, creativity and the freedom of thought and being my oxygen.

Now you know who I am. Will you tell me who you are?

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