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Our lives, unlabeled

Have you noticed that people, as clothes, are affixed with labels? Except with clothes, the label is often on the inside and not outside for the world to judge. Newborns start acquiring labels right at birth and these follow them throughout their life as inseparable shadows. They often define them, forge their life journey, set confines for what they can and cannot do, who they can and cannot be. Imagine a world where there are no labels, or where the labels we carry are ones of our own choosing, that meet our convictions and aspirations, not those set by a specific provenance, race, creed, status or other "category" we happen to be born into. Imagine dropping all the labels that pull us down, only holding on to those that speak our inner language. We are citizens of the world, children of life and both are immeasurably deeper and wider than the boxes we often find ourselves confined to or sometimes voluntarily or involuntarily confine ourselves to. Nurture your authentic self and let it flourish. Be the creator of your own destiny, the author of your own story.

The possibilities are endless!

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