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Beirut escapades

Another of my cherished discovery escapades through the streets of Beirut. Passing through a heavily populated low middle class neighborhood, hoping for a treasured sight to capture with my camera but not finding it. I had almost given up when, finally!! An old weathered traditional home, shyly tucked between two tall characterless buildings. On its wall was a notice of imminent demolition. At its door sat a little lady, as old as the walls behind her. I greeted her. True to the quintessential Lebanese warmth and hospitality, she invited me in for a tour of her humble rented abode, a cup of coffee, and... the story of her life. That house is probably long gone by now, and so may be the sweet old lady who called it home for over half a century. But their memory and the flavor of that coffee cup live on in me and through this unmanicured snapshot I am enamored of.

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